10 Secrets Hidden Off-Screen in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Easter Eggs)

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10 Secrets Hidden Off-Screen in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Easter Eggs)
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The pause-screen camera controls in Super Smash Ultimate are incredibly impressive, providing more control and range than ever before.

You can zoom in and out surprisingly far and even swing the camera side to side to reveal far more of the environment than you’d ever seen during normal game play.

And it’s often surprising how much more there is to see beyond the screen’s normal boundaries.

Now while most of it isn’t terribly noteworthy,we did stumble some pretty neat details that you wouldn’t ordinarily see why playing the game! So here’s our list of the Top 10 secret off-screen details we found in Super Smash Bros.

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Ultimate, for stages both old and new! Let’s start off with an oldie, but a goody being an Easter Egg hidden in the Mushroom Kingdom stage.

And while the entire stage itself is an homage to Super Mario Bros, it does feature one rather out-of-place element–but only if you know here to look.

Because if you rotate the camera to see what lies beyond either the left or right edge of the screen, you’ll uncover a prohibition sign that marks the point of no return: the blast zone.

It’s a warning to the fighters to stay away,although it’s of no use to you, the player, as it’s something you’ll never see during actual game play! Neat! Now let’s take a Warp Pipe into the future,all the way to the.

Yep, the Mushroomy Kingdom, which is designed to look like the original World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros, only now looking a little worse for the wear after having been abandoned for decades.

And one of those changes includes the fact that none of the Warp Pipes here actually work–even the ones that are supposed to.

And that’s for a good reason, because ifyou zoom in and tilt the camera, we can see they’ve actually been sealed off, which is something that’s almost impossible to see during game play, owing to the classic side-scrolling perspective.

But come on, Mario’s a plumber right–surely this isn’t enough to stop him! Okay, so this one’s spoiled a bit by the stage selection screen, but the end result is still impressive.

First up is something that’s nearly impossible to notice during actual game play, and that’s if you rotate the camera, you’ll find that it reveals the characters are actually flat, as if rendered on an LCD display.

Pretty neat! But even more impressive is if you zoom the camera out, you’ll discover that the entire stage takes place on an actual Game & Watch unit! And the attention to detail is immaculate,down to the bezeled wide-screen display, the 3 Dimensional buttons, including the indented ones to the side.

Oh, and of course–this one’s the Super Smash Bros model.

Now if only it actually existed! It doesn’t take long to figure out that battles on the Figure 8 Circuit take place during a live race, with the map in the background even display the real-time location of the racers.

But when it comes to the game play itself,you only ever see a very small section of the track during the match However, if you pause the game and rotatethe camera to either side, you’ll discover that you can see actually nearly the entire course! To the right is the top-half of the 8, complete with Nintendo cloud billboards that are entirely off-screen, and to the left is the other halfof an 8, where you’ll also find a garage and an entire audience section that you would never ordinarily see.

Unfortunately, while you can’t fully seethe entire back half of the 8, you can spot most of it by zooming out as far as the camera allows.

Yep, we “ate” this one up! The Bridge of Eldin is back and looking morebeautiful than ever–even if the bridge itself is incredibly simple, being a flat and mostly unremarkable.

However, if you rotate the camera all the way to either side, you’ll find that the bridge is quite a bit more detailed than itmight seem, featuring proper entrance ways on both sides through which the King Bulblin actually uses to make his entrance and exit! Talk about detail! Yoshi’s Island is a lovely little stagethat even changes seasons as you play.

But there’s one little detail that you’ll almost never see during actual game play–and it’s out of this world. Literally! To see what we mean, just hit pause and lookup toward the sky. There you’ll find the moon that Yoshi battled Raphael The Raven on in the Yoshi’s Island game itself, and it even features the two stumps that Yoshi needed to defeat him.Pretty stellar, huh? You’ve probably seen the Black van in Onett–perhapseven up close.

But what you probably haven’t seen is the billboard warning you about it, because it’s hidden off-screen just beyond the stage’snormal boundary on the right which a quick pan from the pause screen will reveal, complete with legible text.

And just beyond it is building even far the roff-screen, which just so happens to be the Arcade from Earthbound.

Finally if you tilt the camera even more,you’ll even spot the tunnel that the cars emerge from–and this is true for both sides! Yep, this town is packed full of details–bothon and off screen! The Great Bay might just be one of the mostbeautiful and most impressively updated levels in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

And as part of that update, it not only retainsthe off-screen secrets from the Melee, but even features some entirely new ones too.

So if we hit pause and pan the camera left,we can first see some rocky ledges that could also be seen in Melee, but this time, they now lead to an alcove containing an actual Heart Piece, just like in Majora’s Mask. Panning a little further left, we can seethe Fishermen’s Island just where we’d expect to find it from the original game,and left of that is the large gated entrance into the Pirate’s Fortress.

But this time it’s received an impressive new design drawn on it. but it’s impossible to see, unless, that is, we take the camera underwater to reveals it as a pair of crossed swords.Now if that isn’t attention to detail, I don’t know what it, as misplaced it may be. Alright, so we won’t just be looking at the returning stages, because the new ones have some neat details too.In Dracula’s Castle, you’ve probably noticed the clock tower just outside.

And if you keep an eye out, you might just barely spot a gargoyle on top–but if you pause the game and turn the camera, you’ll quickly find that there are actually two! And you can get a much better look at them by zooming–and they’re pretty menacing looking.

You can also take the time to check out the tower’s Spire, as well as another side to the clock tower–both of which you’ll never see during an actual match.

Finally, we end with the Great Plateau Tower stage, which offers an amazing view of the Hylian landscape–and yet for as expensive as it appears during a match, there is so much more–which is fitting for a game as big as Breath of the Wild! First up is the fact that if you zoom out and tilt the camera down, you can see that the entire tower is actually rendered all the way to the ground level of the Great Plateau itself–along with the Plateau’s walls and other nearby points of interest such as the lake and Shrine here.

And if you move the camera all the to the side, you can just barely see the Shrine of Resurrection, where Link originally emerged from, and if we rotate it to the other, we can find the Twin Peaks! It’s a big, big world–but I actually want to end on something a bit smaller.

So small, in fact that despite it lying in plain site, it’s nearly impossible to see during game play–especially during a hectic Smash match! Because do you see the podium in the middle? Well if you zoom all the way in, you’ll find that there’s actually a Sheikah slate resting in it! Maybe it can play Smash Bros.

too? And there you have it.

The Top 10 secrets hidden off-screen that we could find in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

But have you found any of your own? Let us know by posting in the comments below.


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