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Why Outsource with CGS

the primary reason the clients outsource with CGS is because their innovative solutions help clients to achieve their business and financial objectives but the key intangible is that CGS works with the clients to create a fundamental a relationship based on trust and credibility established through a consistent delivery of quality service that are both flexible and scalable in aligning to the clients changing business needs the mission at CGS is to be a long-term partner with their clients that's probably why ninety percent of the clients have actually been with CGS for over nine years.

How what does that happen happens because they build trust and credibility with their clients and the ability to deliver on the value of the business to their customers and it's also a result of the team's execution every single day.

Service desk agents

The service desk agents are the heart of the success in their operations and the way we've been able to build that kind of relationship and that kind of reputation industry is through the dedication and the work ethic.

and the commitment to excellence that their agents do every single day at CGS they look to stretch beyond every metric to ensure their customer success they do a great job at first call resolution this means that fewer calls get passed back to the customers.

Therefore generating substantial savings that we can pass on to our clients they are very proud of the clients they serve in the various verticals from technology and telecom to retail and hospitality as well as the healthcare vertical.

Training strategy

they have a comprehensive recruiting and a training strategy which allows them to quickly prepare their teams to handle changing technology and business requirements inmates currently seventy percent of the agents who support their customers either hold a college degree or have a certificate in the field they're supported they train and focus the teams more on problem solving than on script rating.

Call centers

that's how they currently handle 45 million transactions successfully to you CGS has an established global support model with over a dozen call centers across North America South America Europe and the Middle East their services agents actually speak more than 20 native languages which accounts for 80% of the world population.

Support agents

Now because of this support their agents can provide customer care and technical support on a global scale 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year what makes CGS different is that they have the stability and reach of a big firm and at the same time the dedication to customer experience and the personal connection to their clients that makes them so successful well their BPO solutions that Flex CGS commitment to delivering quality service to their clients they are building fundamental relationship.