Email and Social Media Outsourcing

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Outsource Email

You are going to develop several email campaigns for each website.They will include tiered lists of people who belong to different demographics, typically separated into income levels. You are going to want to offer these people an opportunity to purchase your products and services at regular intervals by sending out an email to them.

Email automation

Before you go out and hire someone to manually send out all of these emails, take a look at a better way. You can hire a service like that will automate your email campaigns in a way that makes it cost-effective.

It will feel like you've hired a team of Internet marketing assistants and not like you’ve just signed up for an email auto responding service. For a very low fee, you can start to automate all of your contact lists and email campaigns.

After that's all done, you can set up guidelines of items you want brought to your attention and those that can keep on running indefinitely. At that point, you can hire a virtual assistant to keep track of things going on in your email campaigns and to add and remove products and email addresses as you request.

Virtual assistants

Virtual assistants are very good with dealing with emails and phone calls. They excel at these simple tasks and can really open up your day for more important things. You can get a virtual assistant to screen calls, look up emails from customers online, and add them to autoresponder lists when necessary.

You can set up business processes that only bring the most important problems to your attention, while The rest of the day-to-day correspondence and email campaigns are handled by your virtual assistant.

You can have them handle your own incoming email too as you start to network with many people online. You can set up different email addresses, have them go in and read each email every day, and trash the spam email or report it.

They should learn how to deal with customers and how to relay information to them as a customer service representative for the basic questions and answers that people may have.

Once they go through your email, you can have them forward the most urgent pieces to another email address so that you won't be overloaded with all kinds of issues that keep you from performing at your peak.

You can then call your assistant every day at noon or whenever you want and go over the tasks, issues, and escalated problems that might remain undone or that need your immediate attention. This is one way to manage the time you spend on your email, both with private and with business email campaigns.

Social  Media Outsourcing

Every online business should have several social networking profiles up to gain more exposure. Unfortunately, it takes time to post social networking profiles and then to target users to either befriend or follow. When you have a new release of a product or service, you will also want to notify all of your social networking friends.

You will post status updates, network with other people online, and read emails on each of these sites to see who's in your network and what you can do for them, and vice-versa. Sounds exhausting, doesn't it? Well, it's actually very fun, but as a focused business owner, it can take too much time out of your day that can be used to generate income somewhere else.

That's why you have several choices to outsource this. One, you can get automation software that does much of the posting, befriending, and following, but someone still has to check in once in a while to see how that's working out. Two, you hire a personal assistant to track the results of your automated campaign and also to tweak it.

If they can't figure out how to make it work to create more interest in your profiles, you’re only other option, and it's a good one, is to hire a social media guru or company and outsource that function too.

Twitter & Facebook automation

For automating Twitter, there are a ton of products that can do the job, including and Some make you pay monthly installments, while others have you pay once and download to use.

You have to set up and schedule tweets; this way, you can have a list of promotions and just get someone else to add them in, or you can choose to do them yourself. Then, the problem arises of how you can also post them to other social networking sites, such as Facebook, at the same time? You'll have to get involved with other tools that are free, like, to start posting things to all of your social network sites at once.

Social Media Virtual Assistant

Instead of scheduling tweets and Facebook updates, you can have that be part of the tasks that you assign to your personal assistant. Not only will he/she have great fun at his/her job, but you'll be gaining valuable exposure for your products and services.

You do need to have a list of links that you want to promote, and he/she should use a URL shortened so that the assistant can track the efficiency of his or her work and can modify it.

Once he/she gets the hang of setting up profiles, managing social network accounts, and posting status updates, you will be able to put your attention elsewhere, but can still track the effectiveness of this activity through the URL shortened statistics.

Outsource To Social Media Experts

It's a lot easier to find qualified social media experts than you think. There are companies out there that can set up profiles, write articles, generate buzz, and track the effectiveness of your social media campaigns. They probably even do SEO too.

Just be sure to go with someone who has proven results. Take a look at how many followers they've managed to generate on Twitter. See how many friends they have on Facebook. Ask them what types of techniques they plan on using and what results you can expect.

Check out their online credentials

Check out their online credentials long before you hire them. What are other people saying about them? Do they have more than 200 friends on Facebook? Any serious marketer should have at least 2,000 Followers on Twitter, and that is a very conservative number.

. The company should employ a good plan to help you get exposure online, including the types of tools they plan on using, whether you'll need to license them later on, and how many followers they expect you to have in a given month.


It's not all about the numbers, but also about the quality of the people befriending or following you. If your niche is all about Outsourcing, do you want people on your list who can't stand them or have nothing to do with Outsourcing? Probably not. It's a waste of time just to pick up followers or friends who aren't going to be interested in buying your products if that's why you’re on these sites in the first place. Any social media guru will have techniques to grab targeted followers as the majority of your audience.


There's no reason why you can't find ways to make income with your social networking sites. The social media gurus have done it, and they should be able to provide information and products that will do the same for you. You may have to buy things from them to promote and may have to join memberships, but this should pay you back when you create a whole new income stream from these sites, and you're not even posting to them yourself.

Once you have a couple thousand followers on Twitter, you should start seeing streams of traffic coming back through each tweet you send out. It should be easier to update people and to promote your products, and much of that you won't have to do yourself if you just hire the right social media expert to get you started.

Outsource Analytics

Everything you do online should be easily traced and reported. When you run several affiliate campaigns, you will generate reports on each one as to what products are doing best and why. You can have that information compiled into reports that tell you exactly what’s going on with your sites.

What you want to do as the manager of all of these online enterprises is to have all of the necessary analytics of all of your online actions so you can tweak the system here and there to create better exposure and gain more profits. You can hire experts to do that or have your personal assistant gather that information for you, and you can try and review it. Either way, it's best to outsource some part of this function of Internet marketing.


You should be tracking traffic, conversions, and marketing efficiency and having monthly reports to look at that give you a bird's eye view of your online performance. Some of these statistics show up in different places, such as in the Control Panel of your website, with each one holding their own unique statistics.

Affiliate program performance is going to be available within the network that is offering those links. If you are a member of multiple affiliate networks, those stats will be all over the Web too. Have a way to centralize all of your information so that when it comes time to look at it, it will make sense, and you will know what's working and what isn't.

Analyze your Web Performance

Hire companies to analyze your Web performance and to give you advice on how to make it more profitable. Hire companies that know how to implement split testing in your advertising so that they can provide feedback on what types of advertising are working on your site and what types aren't.

Keep track of the links that have gone out in your email campaigns, your newsletter, your social networking activities, and your ebooks. Which ones are generating income? Which are generating views or click-throughs? Track that information, get rid of underperforming products and ads, and replace them with something new. Repeat promotions that were really successful, unless they were limited time offers or limited quantity offers.

Business Empire

Just be sure to keep all of your taxes and file requirements up-to-date and in order. Heck, why not hire an accountant when the time comes for that?