Top 3 reasons why you should start outsourcing

The top 3 reasons why you should start outsourcing immediately

as an entrepreneur to push and grow your business forward and really outsourcing is what separates solopreneurs from entrepreneurs it's what takes you from working just by yourself in a little silo on the little entrepreneurial island wearing multiple hats to becoming an entrepreneur growing your business and delegating tasks to a team.

 and at the end of this article I'm going to share my simple habit building process for beginning to ease into outsourcing so you don't have to figure everything out all at once so kicking things off at number one is time right we all have a limited amount of time solopreneurs is myself included are really focused on getting their business off the ground and trying to save as much money as possible right.

 because when you're just getting started there's not a lot of cash flow coming in however the difference between a solopreneur and an entrepreneur is really quite simple solopreneurs focus on purchasing software and buying courses to try and do everything themselves and become the most effective version of themselves possible to get their work done entrepreneurs on the other hand they're focused on growth and hiring out tasks to a virtual team or a local team to get things done really limited time is what I think is.

Why  Start outsourcing

Why outsourcing: Reason n: 1

the number one reason to just start outsourcing right now because you're going to get so much more done and not only are you going to get more done you're going to get a much better end product as much as we care about our businesses as a fellow entrepreneur I know there is nobody who's going to care more about your business than you but.

Why outsourcing: Reason n: 2

 the second reason to begin to outsource right now is because there are things that I'm doing in my business and there are things that you're doing in your business that we are not very good at and tasks that take us three or four hours could take an expert 30 to 40 minutes and you'll get a much better and product.

in this modern age of specialization you can really find anyone to do almost anything in your business even if something as simple as writing YouTube descriptions for your YouTube videos or writing a couple email blasts for you finding someone who all they do is live and breathe that particular skillset is going to get you an infinitely better product and it's going to wind up costing you less overall because you're not going to be spending three or four hours on something you're not really a good fit for you're gonna be paying someone for 30 40 minutes of their time and you're going to get a much better product for.

Why outsourcing: Reason n: 3

number three the final one is this really is the fastest way to scale and grow learning how to hire the right people learning how to find the right people is one of the essential skills you need to develop as an entrepreneur because you are the master and commander of your ship solopreneurs like I said in the beginning of this article.

we're constantly hounded with marketing messages telling us that we can do it all and that's just really not the case there's no amount of software there's no amount of courses that's going to allow us to be able to do everything we need to start switching from solopreneur to entrepreneur and begin to delegate focusing on growth and hiring and building our team that's going to ultimately push and scale our business to grow even faster.

Hire a freelancer to create a plan

 the most common objection I get to this is Jason that's great but with a course or a video I pay once and I'm done right well here's the great part if budget really is something that you're really stressed on if you can afford to pay for a course you can go hire a freelancer to create a plan or a process for you which means instead of spending five hundred dollars on a generic course.

You can spend $500 on someone actually taking a look at your business your budget your unique problems and needs as a solopreneur business owner and then they'll hand you a custom plan that you can go implement and when you post on up work or freelancer guru you could say.

 hey I'm looking for someone to teach me or hey I'm looking for someone to create a plan that I can go implement with my team and I guarantee you that would be infinitely more valuable than any course you can buy and I say that as someone who sells marketing courses now what I just subscribe may be a little daunting so here is a quick bonus tip for easily easing into outsourcing.

and that once a week head over to and find a gig for something that you would have done this is the easiest way to get introduced to outsourcing because you don't have to come up with a job description you don't have to come up with a job posting you just find a freelancer who's already doing something that you would have done in your own business and just pay five or ten bucks and have them do it for you it's a great way to ease into outsourcing.

so thank you so much for reading I hope you found this article informative and actionable if you got some value I have it go and hit that share button and comment I'm documenting the entire process of building an online business and building a virtual team via outsourcing


if you have any questions about outsourcing comment

or contact us to a full playlist on how to post a job to Upwork how to use Fiverr and of course you can drop a question in the comments section below I read and reply to every one keep building the business you love.

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