Software Developer

Hiring a software developer

When hiring a software developer, you are going to need to provide as much information as possible about what the software should be able to do and how.

You will need to tell them the exact concepts of what should happen when users take certain actions inside the software and it will be their job to build a platform that does just that.


Create a Word document with any screenshots of similar software to communicate what the software should be able to do. Clearly communicate the concept and the various actions that a user should be able to do within the software. For example, you may say; when a user clicks on this tab, they should be redirected to a page that connects their Facebook with the software, and so on

Send the designs

If you have hired a designer to create the look of the software, you will need to send this to the developer so they can build it based on the designs of the designer.


Ask your developer to build the software on a test server of theirs so you can test it for bugs before they make the software online on your chosen URL


When possible, send the developer examples of other similar software you like with a similar concept so they can take a look at how others have built their platforms. Make it clear to them to not directly copy any of it because if they do, you will be legally liable so make it clear that you are sending them this for example purposes only.

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