Outsourcing Team

Working with a Team

Here are some of the things to remember when you’re working with a team of contractors.


trust is very important when you’re working with a team. Because they will be handling sensitive data in relation to your business, there’s nothing that stops them from going to your competitors if they do not feel valued. You must earn a degree of trust with your workers, and the other way around. You should feel at ease working with them and ensure they know that they can come to you if they are not happy in their work. If they are not happy, it’s your responsibility to create a more positive working environment for them based on what they express to you.



it’s important to think about the right systems from the start. If you have been documenting your own actions from Day 1, you are likely to have your systems in place that your workers follow easily. This will ensure that everyone knows where they fit in, inside the overall job plan. If you don’t already have documentation like this created, then start creating it. Having such documentation will make the work much easier for your workers, and of course easy in future if anyone leaves and you need someone to urgently fill in for them.


Recording Training Videos for your workers

alongside the system documentation, it’s always a good idea to show visual aides such as training videos recorded by you actually executing the task you’ll need your workers to do. This will give them something visual to work off, and it means there will be no miscommunication when it comes to giving tasks. To make it easier, you can use a program like Camtasia or a free online program like Tinytake to record these.


it’s no secret, and your workers must be understanding of the fact that this is a business, and keeping them on should not be a financial burden. You should be regularly watching your bottom line, and making sure you’re making profit from the business, or at the very least breaking even. If you are making a loss in your business, review the tasks your workers are doing; what they do should directly be linked to making money for you in your business. Basically their work should bring in more money than the wages you pay them. It’s not always realistic to do this straight away, but it’s something to keep in mind as you keep them on long-term.

The highest earning online marketers have the best teams.

Outsourcing My Apps site has been created to help you to hire the most skilled outsourcers at the best possible price. When your business is up and running and making money you’ll realize that the biggest difference between you and more successful marketers is the team they have in place and the systems they plug their team into.

As you start to generate an income online refer back to outsourcing My Apps and continue to work on your team and the systems you have in place in your business. When you get really good at outsourcing not only will you create a successful business but you’ll create a level of freedom for yourself that gives you the time and money to enjoy yourself away from your business.

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