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Outsource Amazon FBA business

today I want to talk to you about getting more time to spend in your Amazon FBA business and it's a you know something that we all struggle with the number one thing I hear people say when it comes to growing the Amazon business is I don't have enough time there's all this stuff I want to do and I don't have enough time and I'm still I'm feeling that too my mind is full of too so many things that I want to do for my Amazon business for my blog I've got about 15 eBooks that are still in my head that need to get onto the computer screen and onto paper I just don't have enough time


What is the best way to free up more time?

you know time is something that once it's spent it's gone you can't go back in time I wish we could make some different decisions in life and in business but you know what you can't the only thing you can do is learn from it and move ahead but if I'm one to find more time in my business the best thing to do is think about ways that other people can do?

 What I do? And how that frees us up to focus on things that are more profitable?

you know if you can find somebody who will take $20 an hour to do a job that will free you up to make $45 an hour it's a no-brainer you'd pay them $20 if you go out and make $45 and it's win-win you get to help them earn some money to work and then you get it a chance to earn more money by doing other work that you're more focused on.

How to Outsource Amazon business?

 one of the ways that you can do this is spend one week and think about and write down the amount of time that you spend on your business and then after you figure out how much time you spend on your business do some math and figure out how much you make an hour.

 you know check out what your disbursements are take the way all across for inventory and stuff it might take you good half an hour but this exercise is something that will save you and make you a lot of money in the long run if you realize how much money you're making per hour with your Amazon business are you making $25 an hour on your Amazon business or making $45 an hour.


if you can spend $20 to pay someone else to the poly bag to take stickers off to box up your stuff if you can pay someone $20 an hour while you're outsourcing making decisions that make you $45 an hour that's a decision that you need to think about.

many of us and I think it's Chris Decker from virtual staff finder virtual freedom that's what it is virtual of freedom Chris Decker from virtual freedom coin the phrase superhero syndrome where we think we have to do it all we have to do everything nobody can do it better than us and you know what some of that might be true that no one can do it better than you but.

 you can teach people and a lot of times they can even pass you up and Excel and go further than you could I enjoy watching Christa no strangers periscopes the past few days where she's talked about her employee and how our employee has helped and not only helped but as made her business grow even more and it's something that's all--that's it's that anybody can do anybody can take stickers off anybody can pack up boxes anybody can put suffocation labels on anybody can do those type of things .

Hiring employees

 if it's something anybody can do then it should not be something you do and with this in mind you know my wife and I a few days ago hired our first employee before it was just a two-person job we are now you know have three employees in our business now we hired an employee and both my wife and I have just were talking about it and it's like it has helped us out so much and I knew it would it's like one of those things with like yeah you know in here I knew that it would help out our business by hiring an employee but actually doing it and experiencing how much it's freed us up to do other things it's just it's blows your mind and I really encourage you in your Amazon business.

 there's so many different opportunities for you to outsource things both at your house and in your business sending somebody you know if you find an item at Target and you talk it to an employee know one of your employees or help have them go on a target run out and pick them all up pay them for their time so that it frees you up to do other things.

Hiring new employees for sourcing 

but I'm hiring employees we're going to see how this goes maybe hire some more people maybe hire a person specifically for sourcing hire person specifically for packing and shipping maybe hiring new employees specifically to do some of my eBay items that have been sitting on my shelf for months and it's stuff that I know will make money but it takes more time and takes more energy and you know Amazon FBA is just spoiled me and it's bought a lot of us because it it's so much faster and the profits are so much better sometimes.

 but hiring employees for eBay to do their eBay stuff is huge and I really suggest doing that so there's also people I guess what I have some if you're a parent you can get your kids to do some of this work for free and or next to free if you're really wanting to help teach them at work ethic you know I’ve had my oldest son peel stickers.

I trained him how to do stickers how to take stickers off of Tuesday morning boxes which are usually the worst sticker so I wanted to train him on the worst and I trained him to do that I paid him like I can't remember if it was $5 an hour or $10 an hour for just two hours of training you know I trained him for about two hours you know we put a movie on we started peeling stickers.

 I watched him how he did it and then I stepped away for a while and came back and saw how he was doing it and after that I changed it from paying him hourly to paying him per sticker and I started paying him you know a dime a sticker and so the faster he worked the more he got paid with doing it but the thing was he had to do it the right way the first time.

 if he did it and there's still sticker residue then you know then he had to go back and do it again and he didn't get paid he if he had to do it right the first time so and yeah my wife just reminded me we sometimes have paid by letting the kids pick out one of the toys from the batch of items that we were taking stickers off of I remember my mom my niece was in town and she helped us out and one of the things that we paid her with was a Monster High doll that we were planning on you know we bought it for 5 bucks.

we're going to sell it for thirty and she worked for us and she got this five dollar doll and was ecstatic and happy plus she got to put stickers on stuff and she got to help separate you know items into different piles for us it was awesome yes I just need to give her a little cardboard sign with the marker and we'll work for toys you know it's pretty awesome so think about ways you can do that if you don't have kids.

 I'm sure there's kids in your neighborhood maybe if you have a relationship with their parents talk to him see if you know this is opportunity for those kids to learn a little bit of a work ethic the power of making money turning work into money it's something that they should learn at an early age because the thing I love about Amazon FBA is the more work that you put into it the more you can make money.

there's a lot of times in jobs they're going to pay you the same amount no matter what you do no matter if you work hard or you work not so hard I mean you might end up getting fired and that that's not good for work but if you like work hard one week and then we'll double up and work twice as hard the next week you with the corporate job or other jobs you just you can get paid the same thing but with Amazon the more you work the more time you put into it the more you get paid it's awesome.

 Things to do

I want to give you three lists three to three things to think about so you can think about what you can do to outsource you Amazon business because a lot of people think what I don't even know what I'm going to have people do well think about.


The first thing

 I want you to write down the list of everything in your home life and your business life that you hate to do write down everything you hate to do if you hate peeling stickers write it down if you hate repressing your inventory write it down if you hate online arbitrage write it down if you hate you know going out and sourcing for you know write everything that you hate write it down and that's your first list.


The second list

is write anything that you cannot do by yourself maybe there are certain things in your business that you want to do but you're like you know what I just I don't know how to do it and I just can't do it there's certain things and I don't know how to do you know online arbitrage or you know what I don't know how to really pack a box well so that I get everything in there and you just I just don't know how to do it write down the things that you cannot do by yourself.


The third list

is write the things that you shouldn't be doing it's things you can do but things that you shouldn't be doing and what I mean by that is like there's things that anybody can do and if you can make so much more by giving someone else that job and paying them you know a decent wage there are certain things you should not be doing.

 I know Jim Cochrane is very one of his things he loves saying is that I never touch packing tape I have not touched packing tape in years because he outsources and other people are packing up the boxes and because anybody can do that anybody can put packing tape on a box, they can put items in a box they can close it up now sure there are some things that they need to know to make sure that it arrives at the Amazon warehouse and one in one piece.

but think about that all of these type of things it saves you so much time it saves you energy and opens you up to do so many more things that are going to make you the better use of your time to lead towards more profits.

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