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99Designs as the name suggests, is a platform for employers to find designers. Logos, flyers, website designs, and almost any other design you might need. The website is split up into two parts: “Contests” and “Projects”.


Contests are where the employer posts a description of the design they need, choose a payment amount and then wait for designers to submit their work. The employer can then choose a winning design or ask to edit a submitted design until they’re happy with it.


Projects is for employers who have had success with designers bidding on their contests in the past; if they really like a particular designer and want to hire them for other projects, they can do so through the website.

99Designs Advantages

The main contests part is a handy way to receive a lot of different designs to choose from. Projects on the other hand and the process of it is not revolutionary, and the same designers can usually be found and engaged on other websites.

99Designs Disadvantages

The biggest disadvantage is that when you post a job, you are guaranteed a certain amount of designs to be delivered. However, even if you did not like any of the designs, you will still have to choose someone to ‘win’ the contest. This sometimes means that you don’t get a logo you want, but you still need to pay as if it was completed.

You should use 99designs if you’re not 100% sure about what kind of design you want made for a specific project, and want to choose a winning design from a range of suggestions.


Dribbble is the social network platform of designers around the world. According to their own website, you can find: web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers, and other creative types that share small previews of their work, process, and current projects.

Dribbble Advantages

Because of the way the website is designed, Dribbble is a mecca of design talent. It was primarily created for designers to check out each other’s work. It’s human nature to want to put your best foot forward in front of colleagues, and therefore you’re likely to find very original and creative examples of work from designers around the world. You can decide to contact and talk to designers that interest you only after you’ve had a chance to see their design work.

Dribbble Disadvantages

It’s just a social network – the website does not pose itself as a matchmaking service between employers and designers, and therefore the website does not screen their users. If you like designs of a designer that you like, it’s your responsibility to do your due diligence and seek references and other information about the designer and their work ethic. Likewise, the website won’t step in on your behalf if you’ve had a negative experience with one of the designers listed on their website.

You should use Dribbble if you want a background check of other work on a designer you’re about to hire on another platform, or if you haven’t found any designers on any other platforms that can create the type of designs you want.


Warriors Hire is a section of the popular Warrior Forum website owned by is a communication channel to let online marketers find online marketing related services that Warrior Forum members have said they can help with.

WarriorForum Advantages

The forum is very basic. It features only two options; you can either list a service if you are a contractor and want to be hired, or you can browse or search for services that are being offered by contractors. It’s basic, and the website takes no cut from any hires that are made as a result of this forum. Because all posts are made by existing Warrior Forum members, you can look at contractors’ profiles to see how long they have been involved in online marketing.

WarriorForum Advantages

It’s a very Basic System. The biggest advantage is also its disadvantage. Because of how basic the forum is, employers have limited ability to screen contractors, and the other way around. Also this forum does not broker working relationships and should be considered as just that: a forum where you can meet connect with people.

You should use Warrior Forum’s Warrior Hire if you want to find a contractor in a forum for a one-off job, and you’re comfortable with agreeing on working terms with the worker directly.