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Lmeison Anime Luminous Backpack Day-pack Shoulder School Bag Reviews #1 Best Seller

Lmeison Anime Luminous Backpack Daypack Shoulder School Bag Laptop Bag with USB Charger Port and Lock & Pencil Case, Unisex Fashion Rucksack Laptop Travel Bag College Bookbag 

Just received this Lmeison Anime Luminous Backpack Daypack Shoulder School Bag Laptop Bag with USB Charger Port and Lock & Pencil Case, Unisex Fashion Rucksack Laptop Travel Bag College Book bag.

Note to self, it does not come with instructions. It was packaged great. Thank you Amazon!

Luminous Backpack colors

The colors are amazing. Galaxy look is just as pictured. One reviewer said the bag was small. I beg to differ. Today I also received a lunch box that was much bigger than I expected (I am talking I could actually use the lunch bag for a two person picnic). Anyway, I am able to fit the lunch bag and six three prong plastic folders (all 6 amount to the size of a 1 and 1/2 inch binder) and there is stillroom for a water bottle, phone, pencil pouch, and more staffs.

There are front and back outer pockets, two mesh outer side pockets and one interior pocket (interior pocket is actually for a laptop or tablet but hey, it is there so use it however you want to).

Now here is the BUT.

The description of the glow and the charging port is VERY misleading! However, I do not think the poor description was NOT intentional. I think it was due to a language/communication barrier. Therefore, I am going to give you the skinny. Regarding the "glow." READ the description. I made the mistake of skimming through the information and thought this bag would light up.

I must have taken 5 minutes to look for an on/off switch. There is not one. This bag is to sit in light and then will glow in the dark. I guess kind of like that glow in the dark decals. Haven't tried it yet as I just got the bag and considering the vibrant color - just as pictured - I am ok that it does not "light up".

The USB cable.

That is all it is - a cable. This is not one of those bags with a built in charger, but they have the bag constructed so that you can charge devices once you purchase a portable charger. You know the ones.those little lipstick-sized portable chargers. Like the SoMi 3000mAh Portable Charger or Luxtude Premium Mini (around $13 on Amazon).

Once you have the lipstick charger, unzip the bag. On the interior right side of the bag unzip the little side compartment, connect the cable that came with the bag by pushing the little round port end into the circular port holder, connect the lipstick charger to the other end of the cable and zip up the compartment.

When you need to charge your phone/headphones/computer, etc. you just plug into the outer port of the bag (Note to self...be sure you have your phone/headphone/computer USB charger cable - because you'll need the USB side to plug into the bag's port and the correct size plugin for your phone/headphone vs your computer/tablet. I gave it a 5 star rating because it serves its purpose by fitting school folders/binder, lunch, water bottle, pencil pouch, phone and still left one empty pocket (front) and one mesh pocket (side) for other small items.

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