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HR Interview Question and Answers

Welcome to the HR interview questions and answer I am shipping from Korea right comp we help students prepare practice and find a placement for themselves specially developed for the first graduates.

this article covers the most important questions that you will find at every interview and if you can pull these off properly you stand high chances of getting through to begin with here is a glimpse of what you are going to learn with me and by the end of this HR Interview article you will be ready to face any HR interview effectively.

make sure that you read everything I say very carefully okay so before trying to score the brownie point let me show you how not to lose them out yes let's talk about the seven deadly mistakes that can cost you the opportunity.

Mistake number one

going unprepared when you fail to prepare you prepare to pain please do not ever go to an interview without preparation because this is the single biggest mistake that can throw you out of the race thousands and thousands of candidates apply for every single position so yes the competition is fierce do not disservice yourself by being unprepared so here are the three most important things you should do before an interview.

 Number 1: study the job requirements the employer and the industry they.

Number2: anticipate the questions and write down your model answers.

Number 3: rehearse now this is an extremely useful tip that I am going to reveal before you so please pay attention 80% of the serious candidates would prepare their model answers but they will also not rehearse them so here lies their opportunity we heard your answers in front of a mirror you will see your words coming out more smoothly your body language will be much more supportive and your confidence level much more higher believe me if you go prepared your eyes and body language will reflect it and there is no recruiter in this word who would want to lose out on a good candidate .

Mistake number two

Dressing shabbily yes, I have had candidates coming to the interview just out of their bed it is repulsive even before you have uttered your first word the interviewer has already made up his mind even if he asks you some questions it is just out of politeness with this mistake you would shoot yourself in the foot.

Mistake number three

being late this is the most basic etiquette which I should not even need to talk about but over the years as seen candidates turning up for the interview will half an hour late anticipate the weather conditions the traffic conditions or anything else that might delay you but make sure that you reach the interview when you at least 20 minutes in advance give yourself the time to calm down and leave this waiting time will also give you an opportunity to get a thoughts together and perform better when you are called leave out everything except your resume a pen and a notepad outside yes even your mobile phone put it on silent mode and to leave it in the bag outside carrying too many things makes it difficult to manage tips and looks messy.

Mistake number four

trying to hide each trying to hydrate the interview is another characteristic that no interviewer of pre-shape it's good to be confident but you need to understand that the interview is the interviewers show give him the opportunity to speak listen to his questions carefully without interrupting let your answers be crisp and relevant candidates who keep blabbing about themselves leave the interviewers irritated and I usually rejected let's take.

Mistake number 5

telling lies don't tell lies to get hired because it is very easy to find them out a bit of cross questioning can land you in trouble do not take your resume a certificate experience or any other details even if you get selected somehow you will always be another threat what if it is discovered in addition to the post in an interview a tries to see three important qualities in the candidate number one genuine ad number two his trustworthiness number three his dependability when I am an interviewer the most important thing I try to see is the trustworthiness of the candidate I would rather hire a candidate with a little less skill set if I am able to trust him then someone who has all the skills but does not look trustworthy.

Mistake number six

approaching as a job bigger going to the right mindset can phenomenally boost your chances of getting hired you need to understand not if someone is spending time to conduct an interview it means he genuinely has a problem to which he needs a solution and his solution comes in the form of a skillful candidate approach him as a solution to his problem and you will see that its chances of getting hired increase highly if you go with the mindset of a needy person your performance will be bad they are not in business to source your problem they want solution to this own problems approaching to the positive frame of mind is good but be careful that you do not become arrogant or overconfident and here comes the last deadly mistake has taken above seven.

Mistake number seven

asking about money now this is again a thing of basic etiquette that I am going to talk about someday is bad we went to a recruit when tries to hire some candidates before we could begin the process a candidate approached me to check out the salary we would offer for that position maybe the candidate was curious but the point I am trying to arrive here is do not talk about money at the wrong time.

 rather try not to be the first one to talk about money I am not at all advising you to work for a remuneration that is too low but don't sound money minded it sends out strong signals and with this we are ready to move on to our questions.

Question and Answers

Question number one. Tell me something about yourself?

this is one question which you are going to face at almost every interview it will hit you almost immediately after you have taken a seat this question is a great opportunity for you to build a solid foundation and steer the interview in the direction you want; but if you were unprepared one of the following two things would happen.

N:1 either you would not have sufficient things to say after 2030 seconds or you would land up reciting your life history both of these are a big waste of this precious opportunity but before I teach you to drop the model answers here are three important tips which you must remember.

Important tips

number one do not reiterate you're resuming they have already seen it the interviewer is not interested in your life history and interview tries to see four five important qualities in a candidate especially the fresh graduates and they are his ability to learn quickly logic pro activeness seriousness and energy and enthusiasm make sure that not just this but all your answers reflect these.

ok so now moving on to developing the model answer being a pressure you not have too much to talk in terms of your professional experience but the interviewer is already aware of that so to answer this question you can talk about your skill set project achievements and any other extra quality or skill that you possess which others do not this extra quality could even be a hobby or a sport that you pursue

If I were to answer this question, I would say something like:

 I am ship crossing person my final year of computer engineering with this College I like to learn new technologies during my internship at XYZ I got an opportunity to develop an e-learning app; it was the first time I was working on an application which would be used by the real users so I was a bit excited and nervous both but with the guidance of my technical manager I was able to finish it very successfully.

 this product gives me a great insight into how the corporate world works expectations they have so much as employees and how to conduct ourselves in the book atmosphere also I love to play badminton and have you involved the trophies in them in singles and doubles for my club so you see how easily your love for badminton separates you from the remaining crowd okay coming on to the next question .

Why should we hire you people?

I must tell you this question is like a goal which can make golden eggs so make sure that you have thought about it you have prepared it well before you go to the interview an employer will want to hire you only if you can add value to it so focus your answer to this question on your skills and how they can be helpful to the employers.

 tell them about your ability to grasp new things quickly I just went into a routine and your flexible attitude remember I told you on HR interview mistakes the right mindset can do wonders approach as a problem solver rather than being a job but ensure that in the process of doing this do not become or sound arrogant at any point in time.

 a model answer to this question can be something like I see that you are looking out for a sales executive to work video channel partners in the interiors of this state with an MBA degree and an ability to quickly understand the requirements of the customers I think I will be a good fit for this position I am very versed with this area and my fluency with the local language would be a great advantage in dealing effectively with your customers who are mostly based in the rural area of the state and here comes the next common question.

Why do you want to work for us?

this is quite a straight question if it is a big company that you are being interviewed at you can say something like yo so the big company which leads the market in this domain every candidate has a dream to work for this company and having this opportunity I would like to work for the best and become one of the best if the company is not too big and you are considering it for the learning experience it offers be honest and say something like I have a degree in PR in communication and when I saw that you also can established company servicing quite a few clients in this industry I thought I should try to explore this opportunity more question.

Question number four: what are your strengths?

this is again a very commonly asked question at any interview the interview here is actually trying to find out what are your strengths relevant to this role and your answer to this question demonstrative preparation for the interview here you have to understand that you cannot keep offering the same set of strengths at every interview it has to keep changing with the requirements of the role it is a bit difficult to provide a model answer here.

so I am going to tell you a small exercise which will help you in finding the answer to this question first of all analyses the requirements of the role fully the job notification will specify certain things but in addition to this try to find out the unspecified requirements now based on this analysis make a list of the qualities required to perform that role and on the other side make a list of all the qualities you possess match the two lists the things that match are your strengths for this role when I am hiring the fresh graduate in addition to their core skills the most important qualities I seek are logic learn ability and dependability here I must tell you that it is extremely important that you do not just make claims ensure that you have at least two examples for each of these qualities these examples can be from a personal or professional life.

Question number five: what are your weaknesses?

 now this is one question that increases the heartbeat of every candidate so listen to me very carefully here you need to understand that every human being has got weaknesses and it is absolutely okay if you also have some weaknesses the way I look at it the interviewer is actually not even interested in your answers unless you talk about a weakness which will directly affect the book he is more interested in finding out two things.

 number one the way you deal with this question and number two what do you do once you have recognized your weakness but don't take it lightly if you go unprepared you would land of think something that you don't really mean as of pressure you won't possess any industry experience so no professional weaknesses most of your weaknesses would come from your personal and academic life so you can offer any weakness that will not directly affect your chances of being hired and then go on to tell the steps you are taking to improve upon them for example you can say something like I did not know how to work effectively on MS excel and PowerPoint but i was always interested so recently have started exploring both of them I am happy that I am able to deal with the linking of Dexter sheets then my PowerPoint slides are also coming off to be more interesting now so you see how easily you can tell the interviewer that yes I do have my weaknesses but I believe in taking actions to improve them question of effects.

 What is your greatest achievement?

 so this question the interviewer is trying to understand what do you find valuable in yourself if you say something like I should fortune class tenth it means that you haven't achieved anything that big after that so try to find out an answer to this question from your near past if you are not able to find an answer to this question from your academic life it is absolutely fine to find an answer from your social life it is okay to say something like some days back I took an accident victim to the hospital on time and donated a bottle of blood for him which saved his life this example demonstrates that you are a responsible person the next one.

Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

 this question is usually asked to take the ambition and vision of the candidate it is extremely difficult for a fresh graduate to foresee how his career would shape up in next five years so all that you can expect to do is do your best in whatever you take up you can answer this question by saying something like it is too early for me to foresee how the things would unravel in future, I want to take up a position that would allow me to do my best and become the best question about eight you do not have all the experience to seek for this position yes as our pressure you would not have all the required experience.

let's go back to the exercise we did to find out the strength make a list of all the skills and qualities required to perform the role meet list of skills and qualities you possess not tell you the two and see where the difference is now you are ready to answer this question.

you can say something like yes I did think about this when I made a list of the skills and qualities required for this position and tallied with what I possess I saw that I possess the major 80% qualities but I do like the remaining 20% I'm a quick learner and given an opportunity I can pick them up very fast the interviewer also understands that it is difficult to find a 100% match to the requirements your answer will tell him that you are a serious candidate and you are aware of your shortcomings for this role this coupled with your ability to learn quickly will definitely help you get through this question the next question.

 What is your salary expectation?

now that you have pressure you will be appearing for placements through your campus recruitment activity or maybe you will be applying directly the companies that you interview ad would be a different level the big companies would have a big salary for each level usually and rather than asking this question they would just make an offer if they like you a little smaller companies may have it either way they may have a fixed salary; for each level or they may have a range so rather than mentioning a figure yourself you can ask the interviewer about the package they offer to the fresh graduates, and if it suits you can say that you are happy to go ahead as for the company standards different people actually have a different opinion on this and I feel that if you are required to fill out a bid or offer a range like mid-20 rather than an exact amount but to do this you need to research the market where in advance and know the range in which you fall just in short that the range is not too broad and never be the first one to talk about the money matters.

The last question we want to ask getting given an opportunity you can definitely ask some interesting questions however, there are certain things that I would like to alert you about.

Number 1: don't ask of their questions

Number 2: do not start interrogating the interviewer.

Number 3: you must know when to put the full stop.

so you can ask about the opportunities for you to grow in the company you can ask about when can I expect to hear back from you I also feel that this question is a great opportunity for you to find out about any reservations that the interview might have about your candidacy so yes if your interview has gone well take this question as an opportunity to deal with any concerns they may have about you can ask them something like do you have any concerns about my candidacy this question will give you quite a good idea about what the interviewer is thinking about you.

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