HeadHunter is a Russian website that specializes in providing employers with access to worker
profiles. The website does not take a percentage of future earnings, but rather charges
employers for posting jobs, or viewing contact details of workers that have listed themselves on
the website. This website is regarded quite highly in Russia, so most workers that create
profiles on here have a very rich education, experience and working background.

HeadHunter advantages:

The website’s pricing is quite competitive compared to its international counterparts. You pay
around $40 for one job listing or to have access to HeadHunder’s database to approach
prospective candidates for 24 hours. The rates and salaries workers ask for are noticeably lower
than on websites such as Upwork. Another advantage of this website is its security screening.
The website takes safety very seriously, and will ask employers for copies of their business
registration documents, as well as thorough reference checks of workers who create profiles on
the website.

HeadHunter disadvantages:

Language – the biggest disadvantage of course is that the entire website is in Russian and so are
all the worker profiles. If you like the sound of this website and want to use it you can always
translate the pages, as well as search for workers who have specified that they are fluent in
languages other than Russian. Most Russian outsourcers on the website will speak English.

Weird pricing structures – if you are only going onto the website to talk to one specific person,
you will still need to pay for access to the database of the district or region of Russia and
neighbouring Slavic countries this person is living in. Depending on which region you want to
view workers from, the pricing varies. For example, you can gain access to the entire database
of workers based in Kazakhstan for half the price of a small Siberian district.

Slow system – we’re not sure if this is done by design or not, but the payment process is not
automated. What this means that you have to first submit a ‘call of interest’ on the website,
then you are taken to a place where you can ‘top up’ your account. Once you’ve topped up
your account you then have to ‘buy’ the service or database access you want from within the
system. Finally you’ll have to wait up to 48 hours for the website staff to grant you access. It’s
fine if you have time to wait around, but confusing and seemingly slow when you want instant
access to what you paid for.

You should use HeadHunter if you want to hire Russian workers at a good price.

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