Zendesk software

Zendesk is a software company that was started in 2007 by these guys and this is how big the company is now that is like a thousand percent increase or something.

Zendesk builds business software for customer engagement that does not sound very cool but Zendesk is making it cool by making it better excuse me what are you doing just working how's he going to customer service actually having a little trouble with the technology, here it looks nice downloading your code history now thanks for calling mom and dad hi can I just confirm your 16 digit account number your date of birth and my meeting you know I'm gonna put you on hold for just one sec.

That's when I got Zendesk for my customer service however customers reach out to your email phone messenger chat Zendesk integrates it all you have what's called an omni-channel solution is it difficult to add chat message to our Zendesk account it's going a secret recipe for offering better integrated customer service more efficiently without compromise but we just don't send us.

Zendesk feature

a wonderful feature of Zendesk is the ability to see all updates that have been added to your tickets by both agents and customers right there on your home page, another cool feature is the fact that you can have several tickets opened in the form of tabs.

  From our home screen, we are able to see ticket statistics showing us our satisfaction statistics as well as all open tickets that are currently in Zendesk and that is the Zendesk dashboard to jump right into the Zendesk homepage icons.

we already know that the icon represented by a home navigates you to the dashboard now our second icon shows us our views page and just from our view Spader we are able to see all tickets including unsolved pending as well as on whole tickets to view each ticket is pretty simple all you need to do is to click on the option to the left of your page under view.

we want to pay special attention to pending tickets as they are represented by AP in a blue icon our third homepage icon brings us to our customer lists and this basically enlists all customers who have ever emailed into Zendesk for a specific client now how to answer a ticket earlier we saw no tickets being displayed in the display area.

however know we have a ticket which is represented by a yellow icon with an N now to enter the ticket all you need to do is click into the ticket and this will navigate you to the response area from the response area you will see a green box highlighted with a green ring and an active cursor and this is where you will write your response.

The first step we want to take is to ensure that we assign the ticket to ourself as there are several agents working in Zendesk for a specific customer in this case we are represented by M C two important features when responding to a ticket are the public reply and internal note color boxes above the response area.

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