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Outsourcing software and mobile development to India

Hello everybody I'm a software developer we're going to talk about one of the oldest and most established Outsource mobile development destinations in the world India has been in the outsourcing game for a long time they're the original big outsourcing software development destination of the world it started years and years ago mostly with call centers but now they're doing tons of software development so that's what we're going to talk about today.

 India is a much-maligned destination all the train wreck jokes about offshore disasters are usually directed towards India some of that as well to serve not all of it is I love India personally I lived in India for some time and I used to send a lot of work there and have spent a lot of time there but now I don't so much so let's jump into the pros and cons of outsourcing to India

Pros and cons of outsource mobile development to India

Pros of outsource mobile development to India

First the Outsourcing mobile development pros, India has pretty good prices it's fluctuated over the years sometimes the prices go up sometimes down but one thing is for sure is that there's a lot of people in India and there's IT grads coming out of really good schools all the time so there is a massive supply and it's more than enough to meet the massive demand of outsource mobile development clients so that keeps prices down that's one of the great things about India.

There also a lot of experienced software developers in India it's been going on for a long time there are mature managers that have 10 years more of experience they're really good schools it's a fairly well developed educational infrastructure and there's a lot of companies that have been doing this for a long time lots of experience.

another advantage is that people in India would generally speak English especially those who've been through university and are in the IMT IT world so that language barrier still exists and we'll talk about that but they do speak English in India culturally it's a mixed bag they do understand American culture pretty well Americans and Indians tend to tend to get along business-wise but that can also be misleading because there's some areas where there's misunderstandings and we'll talk about that.

Cons of Outsource mobile development to India

Outsourcing mobile development cons these sort of relate to the prose and interesting ways as you're going to see the price is are cheap in India because there's so much supply to so many mobile  developers this is also a con it leads to massive attrition this is the number one problem in India today and by attrition we're talking about mobile  developers who are at a apps development company who leave that company for another mobile development company that's attrition another problem is that even though we said there's a lot of experienced managers in India.

there's also a billion people over there and they're hard to find so you have thousands and millions of experienced managers but tens and hundreds of millions of juniors so it's kind of hard to get ahold of those senior managers and especially with all the attrition everybody's jumping around it becomes even harder and that's a major disadvantage and a struggle with India.

another Outsourcing mobile development con is the culture and the language we talked about how they do speak English and that's very handy they speak it with a pretty good accent and when you get on the phone the first time you're speaking English and they're fluent this can be very misleading the way that Indian people speak English is they use the same words we understand exactly what they said but there's a lot of idiom and there's a lot of different meanings and sometimes they'll say something and you have 100% comprehension of the words but you don't really know what they meant and the reverse.

 another Outsourcing mobile development con is just the general quality a lot of people say Oh Indian mobile developers are no good and that's really unfair I know some incredibly great Indian mobile developers the reason we see so many quality problems is because while there is great quality on average there's too many juniors there's too much attrition and there's too many issues for we for us to look at that as a really high quality destination as far as traveling to India it can be pretty rough it's a long trip by any standards so that is one disadvantage that it's pretty far away timewise and travel wise so those are the main cons.

let's talk about some of the culture first of all India is a huge place and it is very diverse if you go to the north of India it's going to be really different from the south people speak different languages and India is a complicated place so these are wild generalizations but let's go for it one thing that Americans aren't used to is that Indians tend to start working later in the morning though they're rolling into work at 10:00 or 11:00 and sometimes American clients get really frustrated with this but keep in mind that they also tend to work late so a lot of Indian developers will come in late in the morning but they're staying till 7:00 or 8:00 at night or even 9:00 at night that can take a little bit of an adjustment.

the sort of read allegation concept we see this a lot in India where you're talking to one developer and they say I'm going to take care of this problem for you an American interprets that is thinking that person will take care of it for you in India sometimes they mean I'm going to see that it takes place.

there's the kind of big face-saving yes-no culture that happens all around Asia there's lots of this in India so bottom line is that India does have some great resources some great software  development companies and some great software developers but with a billion people and high attrition and all these cultural and language barriers that we see we find that it can be a very frustrating destination there's a few shops that we really like and we still send work there but for the most part we steer clients elsewhere.

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  1. Outsourcing software and mobile development most established Outsource mobile development destinations in the world India has been in the outsourcing game for a long time.

  2. Outsource mobile development destinations in the world India has been in the outsourcing game for a long time

    1. Outsourcing of IT services has played an important role in the economy of many countries in Asia, especially, India, philippines and China, India is still the best place for businesses to outsource services

    1. 80% of European and US outsourcing firms ranked India as their number one outsourcing destination. The National Association of Software & Service Companies (NASSCOM) also reported that almost half of all Fortune 500 companies choose to outsource software development to Indian outsourcing.

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